The Downtime Christmas Period

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted much since the disaster that was the sandwich post. Since then, my personal life has exploded with activity – I decided to take on some home improvements. When I say “I”, I really mean companies such as IKEA and SCS and workmen…

The first project that we decided to tackle was the nightmare kitchen. Who knew kitchens would turn out so expensive? After looking at 5 well known kitchen establishments, IKEA was the only logical and financial choice that was viable (WREN wanted to charge me £22,000 for me to paint my own doors!). The 90% of the kitchen that has been installed is amazing, I love it. Grey doors with a near black worktop and silver handles. Its beautiful. I hate to use the term, but it’s vintage with a modern twist. Urgh, that me shiver just using that term (all designers hate when people use that phrase). The walls are a deep green blue hue and it looks magnificent. It has been a nightmare ripping out the old one, ripping out all the flooring, replacing some of the floor boards as they were rotten so bad they were like wet cardboard, painting and installing the new kitchen. Once it is finished, it will be well worth being proud of.

But that’s not all, the hallway has got a lick of paint (which the dogs have chewed the wallpaper off slightly) and the stairs and landing has got a new carpet (which the dogs have completely marked as their territory). Don’t worry though, the carpet cleaner will be coming out this weekend. But the one thing I am most excited about is the new boiler and thermostat. I know, boilers and thermostats are boring. Utterly and mind blowing-ly boring. But this isn’t just any thermostat, I got the Hive.

Yes, look at that beauty. It’s gorgeous. I can control it from the bottom of the stairs, or from my phone, or from my Moto 360. It even knows when I’ve left the house so it boots the heating off. So, if I’m in the pub and I know I’m about to phone for a taxi, I can turn on my heating and the house will be warm for when I get home. Or, if I’m too drunk by that point from the 4 pints I’d have had, the geolocation from my phone will turn it on automatically – that’s right, I don’t even have to do anything. Best thing of all, its already saving me money on my gas and electricity bills – the boiler is the only gas appliance I have in the house now. So screw you gas and electric companies. What a world to be living in.


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