Wedding Stationary – make yours stand out and be original!

So, for our wedding, my fiancee and I (she being the boss of course hehe) decided that our wedding stationary must be completely different and as personal to us as possible – I mean, a wedding is a big day and you want to make it as individual as you are. So I urge you to do something completely different to what you see at the wedding fairs: the folded magnetic invitation packs are lovely but are very much like the Ford Model T (you can have any colour you like as long as it’s on cream paper with gold foil lettering). Plus your wallet will be extremely light pricing those bad boys up. Yes, wedding print is expensive, but it can be a whole lot more with foiling a die cutting that is on offer.

To begin with, we started with our theme of our wedding which is something that we both enjoy: movies. We have a massive obsession of curling on the sofa and watching a good movie. So we decided to go on that. One of the earliest concepts for our design was messing around with vectorizing our portraits into modern icons – something that can be repeated over and over like a board that actors stand in front of when they are walking on the red carpet. Here is the finished design that we went with: wp-1460038406748.jpg

Our colour scheme is navy, aqua and ivory with all of these incorporated into the design. the splash of pink just highlighting the detail in the icons of us…


And this is the back – inverting the colours makes it more striking to look at. But we decided that the actual invite should be more of a statement of intent to the theme – what better way to get the message of a movie themed wedding than to receive an invite in the form of a DVD? We bought some blank empty DVD cases off ebay, and set designing the inserts. First of all, the cover. The cover is tricky to make it look like a proper DVD but to put enough information on to keep the person intrigued – I think we pulled it off incredibly well…

Some of our invitees have mistakenly took these as real DVD’s and they have even been slotted into the DVD shelves – we had to give gentle reminders of the RSVP cards inside them..

So, in conclusion…

Be original in your idea – don’t go for the standard designs that the wedding printers offer. after all, your invites reflect your day!



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