About Me

So about me.

I grew up in a small town called Nuneaton, in the middle of the midlands. I went to school as the typical nerdy, chubby kid that had those round Dennis Taylor glasses on who couldn’t stop making a mess on a piece of paper. I swear, looking back on it all, I had a very vivid imagination. I was utterly obsessed with futuristic tales and movies – I loved Star Trek as a kid (James T. Kirk I might add) and I remember I nearly choked myself half to death on a bit of battered sausage while watching it. I wasn’t the fittest or the brightest out of all the kids at my school, but I loved creating stuff. Nothing in particular, just stuff.

I would spend hours upon hours playing with Lego and K’NEX, building spaceships and forging massive wars between them all in my bedroom. Then I would try to draw out the amazing battles and over the space of the summer holidays. After a while, depending on what films me and my friends would watch in our spare time,  my drawings would reflect that. Horrors, dramas, crime thrillers, comedies, allsorts – but my heart always was drawn to sci-fi.

Music is a massive thing for me too (as much as everyone says it is), but it is my heartbeat. I cannot go a day without Spotify being on, listening to anything and everything.