Here I will display the freelance work I have produced.

David Summerton Consulting

ali panel 825x240mm-01

So my dad came to me asking for ideas for a new business that he was pondering about for a while. I drew up some designs in a flash and within ten minutes, he had a business card design that he loved. We talked about some ideas about a website and boom – was born! Now he has an impressive and clean business identity for his business needs.

The Exhibition & Events Co.

The Exhibition & Events Co

The Exhibition & Events Co. came to me with a blank canvas really – they wanted a complete corporate branding for a busy sector of business. They wanted something that would stand out, modern and impactful, all the time something eye-catching and instantly recognisable. The small team of lads were extremely impressed of what I designed for them – a website, all the business stationary and I even sorted out their email signatures for them! Check out their website at