Yesterday’s Sandwich


So I work in an office with a sandwich shop 50(ish) metres away. Most days I look at the menu and pick one of the cold meat filled sandwiches, but yesterday was different. The clouds were dark and gloomy and it proceeded to absolutely chuck it down throughout the day. So a hot butty was in order. My eyes scanned the listing on the flimsy piece of overused paper and saw, to my delight, a hot pulled pork sandwich with stuffing. Could my eyes be deceiving me? A humble sandwich shop that when asked to put mixed peppers on a Turkey salad sandwich they put powdered pepper on? This is a step up for them, and I salute that. So I ordered it with my colleague who flirts with the women in the shop orders the sandwiches for the office. Nothing was mentioned until half an hour later when my peer gave me my sandwich. He gave me the news that turned my feelings into the weather outside – they didn’t have any pulled pork, but instead replaced it with pulled Turkey. Pulled Turkey. Yes folks, pulled Turkey, with stuffed and lots of apple sauce. My heart sank. The sandwich was a complete disaster and it made my day worse from then on. I’ve just ordered my sandwich for today – a beef salad on brown, unless they confuse a cow with an otter and give me that.

Pastures New…

So this is my new website. I have moved away from the shackles that is html hosting and I have moved into the WordPress arena. Although I have limited creative control over this, I am extremely comfortable and actually quite excited about having the freedom to blog direct from my phone, whenever the mood strikes. With html coding and building, blogging can be very time consuming! So watch this space for more of content!